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Most people can get away with just having regular facials and using good home care products in their 20’s and even early 30’s. However, in our 40’s our skin need some extra attention. 


Many women tend to prioritise other things, like work, family and especially their children  in their 30’s and I’m certainly guilty of that. I’ve now woken up 40+ and realised that I’m not ageing as ‘gracefully’ as I’d like and want to do something about that.


With this in mind, I thought I’d share my top treatments to help you look younger once again.


For plumper, smoother skin

It’s no longer good enough to have a regular facial. We need to stimulate the collagen production which our ageing cells don’t do anymore. To get all the active ingredients into our skin, we need to get rid of the dead skin cells and push the product into our skin. 


Microdermabrasion with mesotherapy.

This intense ‘polish’ and boost for ageing skin, helping you stimulate collagen production & improving your overall skin texture. I really like the combination of the skin polish, after which a combination of growth factors, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, co factors and hyaluronic acid, and pushed into the skin. Read my experience HERE.


Chemical Peels

Another great treatment is chemical peels. I’ve heard that some people don’t like them, but I had a great experience in the past. I must admit that I haven’t had them in a while, and would probably choose other combination facials over a peel right now, but my skin did also look and feel great afterwards. Read more about my RegimA Peel & Heal experience HERE


Micro Needling

Using a derma- roller, fine needles penetrate the skin, without damaging the epidermis (like other ablative treatments can do). The dermis is encouraged to produce collagen and elastin which generate new skin cells. As the pores are opened, it absorbs any product applied more effectively and deeper into the skin.


Another benefit is that it not only plumps the skin, it also treats, acne scaring and pigmentation.


This treatment is definitely next on my list.


Radio Frequency & Laser Based Treatments

Both are great treatments for boosting collagen production, tightening skin and getting rid of pigmentation. As with all these procedures, best results will be seen after a few treatments, but your skin will feel rejuvenated immediately.


You can read my IPL Skin Rejuvenation experience HERE, and my Maximus Skin Tightening facial HERE


Getting Rid Of Wrinkles


Now, we’re moving into interesting territory, as there seems to be two camps when it comes to botox – those who would never, ever do it – and those that have it done regularly. Obviously most people don’t want to look like they’ve had anything done, so not everyone speaks about it, but I do know loads of people who have botox regularly. I’m now able to say openly that I think it’s time (well actually it was time years ago) that I stop using my ‘botox fund’ on others and finally put it to good use for myself. 


Botox works by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, softening the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is most effective on dynamic wrinkles that are not visible all the time. Deep lines can be treated with fillers.


Having done some research, I know how important it is to choose the right doctor as there can be complications if not done properly. I have my eye on a few amazing doctors in Cape Town and will write a post asap.


Dermal Fillers

Botox and fillers often work really well together. Botox relaxes the muscles, preventing further wrinkles, while fillers, add volume, and fill in the deeper lines, like the naso-labial lines running down the sides of your mouth.  


I was lucky enough to have fillers a few years ago, and I can now see what it difference it made and am so ready to have the cheek fillers again. You can read about my experience HERE.


So these are my ‘go-to’ treatments that will definitely make your skin smoother, plumper, more radiant and get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles.


Talk To Me

I’d love to know what your favourite anti-aging treatment is, so please comment below. Feel free to ask any questions as well, and I’ll get one of our experts to answer for you.



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