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Well, it had been at least a year since my last facial (my dermatologist suggested I not do any treatments to my face because my rosacea flare-up was quite severe) but it seemed to have settled down so I decided to brave a facial from this spa— call it a good intuition.


I knew that they meant serious business and that I would in safe hands when the owner of the spa, Ayesha,wanted to know everything about my skin. So, I shared my sorry tale with her (of dehydration, rosacea and sensitivity) and she assured me that the treatment would be customised for my particular skin conditions.


Ayesha, a true beauty professional, owned a spa for many years before this and has ensured that Urban Bliss well and truly lives up to its name. A little hideaway in the middle of buzzing Emmarentia, you must be warned that once inside, you may never want to leave! Each room has been decorated to represent a different international city (with music to match) so you can pretend, as you float away, that you’re off on a wonderful sojourn.


My bespoke facial consisted of Phytomer products, which are apparently especially good for sensitive and irritated skin. It’s always great to try something I have never tried before and so it was with the Self-Heating Mud Spinal Wrap which was applied underneath my back to the places where my muscles felt most tight. A lovely, warm feeling enveloped my back with a slight tingling sensation. It’s kind of like a very gentle reflexology effect  (but on your spine) and it’s to reduce stress levels. Mine were falling rapidly. And with a whining kid with diabolical chicken pox at home, boy, did I need some respite.



Once the therapist, Rukaiya, touched my face, I could sense (as one can after doing many reviews at many different places!) that she was experienced and confident, so I instantly relaxed. My face was cleansed with the Perfect Visage Cleansing Milk to remove impurities and makeup and followed with the Rosee Toning Lotion to balance the PH levels of the skin. The Vegetal Peeling Exfoliator was applied, which is enzyme-based, to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.


A gentle steam and then to the part that perhaps most of you hate the most about facials: the dreaded extractions. Well, quite frankly, I love extractions, especially after not having a facial for so long and my skin really needed a good working over. Super-professional and also not scared to go for it, (which I like) my skin, Rukaiya did an excellent job. After this, a specialised Oligoforce Soothing Serum was applied to calm sensitivity, redness and strengthen my skin.


Aaah… and then to the lovely shoulder massagewith the Hydra Nourishing Massage Cream. Then for the masks: the Hydrasea Thirst Relief Mask was tailored to replenish areas that needed moisture and the red, sensitive areas of my face were treated to  Doucer Marine Soothing Mask was used to calm my skin.


I was given an eyelash tint (for the infamous albino lashes) while my mask was on, which really saved time. The tint has lasted more than 3 weeks and still going strong. My treatment was finished with Hydra Original Thirst Relief cream to boost and replenish moisture. I didn’t have time for  a delicious herbal tea after or for a dip in the plunge pool— perhaps next time.


I have to say that I walked out of Urban Bliss feeling…blissful. My skin looked radiant and smooth and calm— as if I had been on holiday for a week. Three weeks later and my skin is still reaping the benefits. A lovely experience all in all.


Urban Bliss

85 Barry Hertzog Avenue  



011 486 0512


Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/UrbanBlissWellness

Twitter:                https://twitter.com/UrbanBlissWell


Treatments & Prices

Bespoke Facial: R660

Contact the spa for a full list of treatments and prices.


Favourite Part

The relaxing facial massage and the tingling mud spinal back were divine.


Least Favourite Part




I can’t recommend Urban Bliss highly enough. A lovely atmosphere with highly skilled therapists and great attention to detail. I also loved that they didn’t try and push me to buy any of their products, as many spas do. Give yourself a treat and pay them a visit.


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