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I’m sure you’ve all had to go through that super annoying process of finding a new GP, hair dresser etc,when you move to a new place.
Luckily we now have social media to check on who’s who in your new local area, avoiding making too many mistakes along the way.
Even though I was adamant that I would drive back to visit my hairdresser, I eventually did cave and decide to find someone local.
After a few attempts we finally found my ‘goldilocks’ colour (not too dark and not too light), but I was thinking that I could have helped speed up this process if I’d paid more attention and known more about what had been used on my hair previously.
So, I decided to ask my current stylist at Style Bar in Constantia Village what we should know to ensure a smooth transition from one stylist to another.

When it comes to a cut – what’s the best way to describe what you want?

It’s always great if you can bring in a picture of what you want, as it’s sometimes quite difficult to know exactly what a client has in mind. However, the client has to be aware that a particular cut won’t necessarily look the same on everyone due to face shape and the colour of your hair.
Also it’s good to familiarize yourself with the terminology of different types of cuts (layered vs one length, full fringe vs side fringe etc)

Should you have a cut with every visit, even if your’e growing your hair or have long hair?

If you have a good hair cut, it’s not totally necessary to have a cut every time if you have long hair, but it is advisable to have a trim to keep the shape and get rids of dead ends.

When it comes to colour and highlights, should you ask what colour has been used exactly, or would a stylist be able to match it by looking at it. Presumably salons use different products so what would your advise be?

It definitely helps to know what colour was used before, and your hairdresser should tell you. Even though salons do use different products, most codes are universal, so s/he can then match to whatever they are using.

While we’re at it, what is ‘expected’ when it comes to tipping?I’ve previously been told to just tip the lady that washes my hair, but that was at a owner run salon, so it might be different at bigger salons, who employ stylists. Do stylists usually get a tip as well? And if so, what is acceptable?

The tip depends on the customer and how they felt about the quality of the service.

Mostly we get customers tipping around 5-15% depending on the service, stylists and how they enjoyed their time in the salon.

We get requests to tip stylist and operator from this amount. Mostly people round up to a round figure and they request to split the remainder accordingly. Some people specify, others just say split it.

There is no expected set price, like restaurants but the stylists and operators are grateful for the smallest tips.


Do you have any other advise or treatments/products that people should know to ask about.

Olaplex is the latest product launched in SA (June 2015) and is taking the hairdressing world by storm. While other treatments cover the hair to give it a softer, shinier look, Olaplex penetrates the hair and fixes the bonds, giving you healthier hair. It’s an amazing product as you can now highlight, perm etc without damaging the hair, giving hairdressers much more room to experiment and push the boundaries.
Before Olaplex

Before Olaplex

After Olaplex

After Olaplex

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